Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've been converted!!

Yep, it's official, I've switched over to cloth diapers!!! :O

We lost sooooo much money in diapers. Especially considering the girls just recently potty trained at 3 years 2 months!!! That is another story that you will get the pleasure of reading.

I have done a lot of research and made the decision when I was a couple months prego. Switching to cloth would save us a lot of money, it's healthier, especially considering the girls and I have a sensitivity to anything not natural fibers, it's easy to fit into my almost daily laundry and they're totally cute!! :)

I tried him in flats and a snappi, but they're a bit bulky on him, so I will probably use them when he's a lil bit older and after I hopefully get some wool soakers and longies knitted. :)

Right now he's wearing BumGenius Elements, they're a 100% cotton inner and water proof outer. It's just as easy to use as disposables, the only difference is that they get put in the wetbag, instead of the garbage, and get washed every or every other day, by themselves. Then I dry them, in the dryer in winter and outside during the summer, fold them and they're ready to use. :)

I've just started and got the 5 BG elements used and am planning on buying some more and really want to try the Rump-a-rooz, too. :) I will get some action shots put up after I get some taken.