Friday, September 18, 2009

Life with Toddlers

In the last week, I've taken Natalie to the er, for croup, had 2 little girls decide to color daddy's night stand and a living room wass with a sharpie marker. So, to get rid of the 'artwork', we decided to paint the wall a light blue. Mat had drill in Dillon, MT and had just left when Natalie managed to pull the paint can out of the cubby, which caused the can to dump paint on the carpet and linoleum!!! I was shocked and upset and not sure how I was going to clean it up, so i called mat to come back and then ran downstairs to get more paper towels and came back to find kiley had played in he paintt and got it allover herself!! After everything was cleaned up, I had to do something with what little paint hadn't spilled, so I put the girls in a playpen and proceded to paint the wall. It looks great and we will have to go buy more paint to finish the living room. :)
Right now I'm trying to plan and pack for a 2 week vacation, can it be called that when 6 kids are involved!?! My parents and the girls and I are going to Wisconsin and Michigan to visit family, which I haven't seen in almost 7 yrs!!! This will be the girls first vacation and we will see how they or I do!! :)
So my life with toddlers has been a 2 week roller coaster, stressful and shocking!! :)-

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