Friday, May 7, 2010

20 weeks preggo!!!

Here was me at 12 weeks :)

and now 20 weeks :D

I can't believe I'm halfway through this pregnancy already!!! At my dr's appt we were comparing my pregnancy with the girls and realized that I was halfway through the pregnancy at 17 weeks!!! We were a little shocked and hope that this is my halfway point in this pregnancy. :)

I'm measuring right where I'm supposed to be, depending on our scale or dr's scale, I've gained 6-9 lbs. My blood pressure was 108/60, woo hoo!!!! Thank God, my blood pressure was already elevated with the girls at this time. Baby's heart rate is 138. :)

My cravings have changed, I'm loving fruit, any kind and can't wait for peaches to come out!!! ;) My new favorite drink is an Orange Carrot Sobe and soon to be slushies, homemade, once it warms up. :) Oh, and my biggest craving wings!!!! I never liked anything hot like that, but now I have to have it atleast once a week!!! :o lol

I finally started feeling baby moving, off and on throughtout the day, what a relief!!! It's quite the change, considering I felt the girls move at 12 weeks and they never stopped, lol!! This baby is a lot more laid back and I think loves to sleep. :D

We get to find out if the girls are getting a lil brother or sister is 5 days!!!! I can't wait, it's been killer to have to wait. I'm excited to start decorating the nursery and getting it set up. :D


  1. Hi Karen, it's Aunt Lisa. I'm glad this pregnancy is going smooth for you. My prediction is the baby is a boy.

  2. Such a cute baby bump and YEY for having a little boy!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D