Wednesday, October 28, 2009

amazing savings

So I consigned some clothes, back in September, to a child clothing store, (they only sell childrens clothing) and an adult clothing store (they only sell adult clothing) here in town. So the girls and I needed some winter clothes, so I went shopping. :) I was able to get 6 shirts, 5 pants, 2 Christmas dresses and a maternity shirt and spent only $6 after using my $47 store credit!! Then I went over to the new adult clothing store and got a pair of pants, 2 sweaters and 5 shirts and spent $8 after using my $27 store credit!! I got 3 bags worth of clothes, spent $14 and saved a total of $74!!!! Now there's a bargain!! :)


  1. don't read anything into it, yet ;) lol
    no i'm not prego!!! :)

  2. NICE!!!! :D Way to go! I need to see if there are any consignment stores around here...Amber just grew out of all of her clothes all of a sudden :S

  3. don't you hate it when they do that?? I had a bunch of 2T long sleeve shirts, tried them on, and they're too short!!! agh, now i'm scrambling to find 3T shirts!! :O