Saturday, June 5, 2010

24 weeks preggo and it's a BOY!!!! :D

Wow, hard to believe I'm almost in my 3rd trimester!!! Hard to believe that I only had 9 weeks left when I was prego with the girls. It's going to be different to actually go the full 40 weeks.
My appt went well, so far I've gained 11 lbs, blood pressure is great, yay, baby boy's heart rate is good.
Lil boy is active, at times, but makes me think he'll be a mellow baby, which would be nice. ;)
I've been having stomach issues this time and am doing everything I'm supposed to, but it's not helping. :( I've been snacking a lot and making myself smoothies, which gives me the nutrition I need, but is easy on my stomach. :) I've also been drinking a lot of 'murphy' tea, pink lemonade and water. :)

So far we've gotten the nursery accent wall painted, glider put up, borrowed the crib from Jenny and got it put up, too. I found a dresser/changing table at a yard sale for $10, it needs to be painted, runners and knobs, but hey, the price was right. Right now, my dad's making a removable base for it, it's too short and not tall enough for diaper changes. I've also been garage saleing this year and have found some clothes, so far.


  1. You look so cute!!! :D You're starting to "pop" now :D have WAY more done than we do and our baby will be here so soon! I have hardly any clothes, and no crib or bedding or anything yet, lol, guess I need to get a move on! :) Awesome about the changing table! I've just always used the couch/a bed/or the floor, haha! :) If I could find one for $10 I would have snatched it up too! :)

  2. Congrats on getting a boy this time! What will his name be? I love your blogspot -it seems you and I have alot in common, I love children and reading also! lol I am hoping to get into the reviews and the reading book reviews also.
    Any how thanks for letting me look around- I hope you will visit my blogspot also and follow me too! Thanks, mimilovesall8