Friday, December 17, 2010

Not so fat Wednesday, er Friday

Well, here I go, I've finally started my pp workout, of course it only took me 11 weeks, oops. :) I have a 10 min pp workout that I'm following, not too long, so it's easy to stick to, and after we move, Mat and I hope to start working out together. :)

Here's a few pics to show what I used to look like. Oh, Nicole, I have a pic of us at my 16th birthday party, years before we were even married. :)

2006, our wedding, pre kids

2009, 2 yrs after the girls were born (I know I was sucking it in, too :o)

2010, 6 weeks pp, 3 kids later :)

So this week has been pretty stressful and had a health issue, too and found out that I lost 3 lbs because of it. :/ I weigh 122 lbs. I am hoping to regain my flat belly and loose my mommy pooch. I just want to tone and strengthen my body and also eat healthier. :)


  1. You look amazing!! Good luck with your workouts and stuff. I'll be starting that in about a year :) Trying to do some now, but I get tired too fast.

  2. Ack! 122 is my goal weight! :) super jealous! Good luck on toning up though!