Saturday, December 4, 2010

I combined three cards into one!!! :D

This was an exciting year for us, we added another addition to our family, Gavin!! :D

He arrived October 1st and by November I realized I hadn't gotten his birth announcements done!! I started looking around and made the family/friend list and found out how expensive it was, yikes!! I realized I also needed to do Christmas cards on top of birth announcements and my family/friends list is in the 70's. So the $$ for almost 150 cards is way more than we can afford, so I decided to combine them. :)

I also haven't gotten my thank you's sent out, so I'm looking to get the folded greeting cards, to get that done, too. I'm, in a sense, killing 3 birds with 1 stone, as they say, lol.

I'm looking at using the layout of this card.

I have always wanted to put together a calendar. Shutterfly has an awesome selection and might just do one for ourselves. :) Mat really likes the calendar posters.

Well, since I'm combining the birth announcement with our christmas card, I'll show you the one I was going to order, isn't it adorable? :)

A big thanks to Shutterfly for allowing me to blog about their 2010 holiday collection and giving me 50 free cards!! :D
Both pictures were taken from their website, so go check them out for yourself.

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