Tuesday, December 1, 2009

an observer

This happened a couple weeks ago and wanted to show that how we respond/react to our spouses has not only an impact on our children, but also on other people who are near enough to hear or in my case, observe from a fairly close distance.

We were out and about today doing returns and while I was sitting in the car, waiting for mat, I noticed that there was a couple in the car infront of us and you could tell something was up, just by the way they were talking to each other. I was watching them, but trying not to be nosey or rude. The lady seemed to be saying something sarcastic and smiling and the guy didn't like what she was saying and then he said some stuff she didn't like and it went back and forth for a couple minutes and they were getting more and more agitated and upset at each other.

I also noticed that there was an infant carseat behind the guys seat and while they were fighting, I noticed a little boy, about 4, come up to the carseat and stick his face close to the baby's and jump up and down. I figured he was showing off to make the baby laugh or smile. Well, the lady didn't think that it was funny and got mad at the little boy and mock what he had done and lashed out at him. I also noticed another child, probably around 6, sitting in the far back seat, just watching/listening to the parents argue. They then got out of the car and walked to the store, but you could almost see/feel an air of tension as they left.

As I watched this couple fight, I felt bad for the kids and was thinking to myself, 'the Pearls advise that you never fight or argue over something infront of your children. It's always best to talk about it privately.' I felt pity for the little boy that got yelled at, instead of being corrected, for the action he was doing wrong.

I was convicted while watching this couple. I realized how it looks to others when we fight out in public or infront of friends or family. I decided right then and there to make sure if I am upset or angry about something to not vent infront of our girls, but to talk about it in private with Mat or whoever I'm talking to. We need to be more diligant about our reactions and the way we act infront of our children. They're at an ? age and how they see/hear us is teaching them how to react to situations in the wrong way.

made me realize how important it is for us to be good influenced to our children.

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice if ppl could see how they look sometimes?! I bet it would definitely make them stop and think!!!