Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Twin style

Kiley has started saying 'mommy, mommy, mommy' (insert me saying 'what?' after each mommy)when she wants something!!!! I have no idea why she's doing it!! :)

Well, she also gets her daddy going, and this bothers him so much, lol. Kiley will say, 'mommy, mommy, pause, daddy' when she's trying to get Mat's attention!! It's so funny, but he doesn't think so. :D

The girls are getting so independent and I have to admit, I'm lovin it!!! :)

Last night while I was making dinner, the girls were chasing each other round and round the kitchen table and giggling. It was really loud, but they were so cute, that I let them be. ;) Then right when Mat got home from work, they were wrestling on the floor, which they've never done before, and laughing so hard, it was too cute!!


  1. LoL, I bet them wrestling was cute :

  2. I loved having twins! Advice for the future when you have more children: I found out years later that Joshua felt apart from Daniel and Andrew. They were so close to eachother and he felt left out. If I could do it again I would make times when I would send one twin and Joshua out with their dad and keep the other home with me...or send one twin off with dad and keep Joshua and the other with me. That would help them find eachother as friends.

  3. Claudia-thanks for the advice!!!