Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Twin Style

It is so cute to watch the girls helping each other. Every meal, I have been teaching the girls to put their dirty dishes in the sink and put their cup in the fridge. Well, Kiley, hasn't mastered how to open the fridge, yet, but Natalie can.

Well, this morning, Kiley couldn't get the fridge open to put her cup away, so Natalie went over and opened it for her!!! :)

Natalie was also able to open doors before Kiley could, but Kiley was good at closing doors, but couldn't get it back open. Natalie has gotten Kiley out of lots of closed doors. :D

I ran downstairs to switch out the laundry and came back upstairs to them laughing and yelling and babbling to each other, both sitting in a laundry basket!!!! :D I wish I could have gotten a picture of it, it was adorable!!

I imagine that Natalie will always be helping Kiley out when she needs a hand. :)
It's so neat to see the bond that they share and how much fun they have together.

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