Thursday, November 19, 2009

an oh-my-gosh moment...

My girls gave me a heart attack today...

I was in our bedroom and I could hear the girls jabbering about outside, mommy's/daddy's shoes and go bu-bye. I could also hear Natalie messing with the door knob, now we have a child safety thingy on the door knob, but Natalie has already figured it out!!

Well, the next thing I hear is 'click' and muffled voices. I look out the bedroom window and both girls are standing on the front step!!!!!! I ran to the door and opened it and all I see is the back side of 2 little girls. Kiley is dressed in just a pj top and diaper and wearing Mat's shoes and carrying her tiger, and Natalie has her pj top and bottom on and wearing my shoes and carrying a lunch bag, given to her by Sara, full of stuff!!!

I couldn't help laughing, they looked like 2 miniature clowns!!! I was wondering if any neighbors saw them and what they thought about it. :O

I brought them inside and got them dressed and sent them to the back yard, which is fully fenced, hopefully they won't figure out how to get out!! I couldn't be be upset with them, because they weren't doing it to be bad, they just wanted to go outside. ;) I really wish I had gotten a picture of it, it was quite comical!! lol :D


  1. They take after their daddy and aunt, who at three, climbed a no climb fence, unlocked the safety latch on the outside of the gate and wondered down the lane in the middle of winter.(the were dressed for outside) I found them be fallowing their tracks.