Friday, November 20, 2009

schooling plans

So, my friend, Sara, and I got together this morning and ran some errands together and started talking about getting together more often. Which ended up with us making plans to get together a couple times a week to start teaching our kiddos their colors, numbers, shapes, crafts, etc. I left stoked and looking through my stuff that I've researched, noted and put into a ring binder!! :D I want to share this with all my toddler mommy friends, mainly Nicole. ;)

I just found yesterday, magnetic visual schedules from Little Billies. "For the children still at home on most days, this is a fantastic chart (visual schedule) that will help give both mum or dad and the child a clear direction for the day. It will help to assist to build a flexible routine into your home and give your child stability and security in knowing what is coming next." These are awesome and I have wanted to get something like this for awhile now, and probably will!! :)

A great homeschooling website is Hands on Homeschooling. She has an overview and preview of the curriculum and a checklist for ages 2-5. I was so excited to find something for 2 yr olds, I thought they didn't offer anything until kids were 4!! I would love to get the curriculum, but it's late in the year and we don't have much money, so I might not be able to get it until next year.

We are thinking about getting together 2x a week, one day at my house and the other at her house. Sara and I are also thinking about doing sewing projects on those days, too.

This is exciting for me, because I'm a procrastinator and get more things done if I have someone to do it with and it also gets our kiddo's together. :)

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  1. Hurray! That sounds like fun! If you look through my blogs the ones that aren't giveaway ones are toddler/school/preschool ones :) :D