Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A February "LOVE" & Happiness Challenge

The challenge is from Mami's & Papi's. They are a military family that carries cloth diaper and baby items and are a lot of fun. ;)

They have a monthly contest for their followers to do and they get entered to win some really great prizes. Here's parts from their post off their Facebook page, so go check it out for yourself here.

"So what is the M&P challenge all about? Every month we do something a little "more" to challenge ourselves. It could be a special request challenge (a sister or brother is dealing with some challenges and needs support) or something that is just lots of fun to see if we can DO IT!

The month of February is the "Valentine" month. The month of love!! But this is not a love your spouse or love yourself challenge.... NO, this is a love your Life challenge!

For the month of February ---- EVERYTHING that happens .... you will think positively! Need some explanation and examples --- here goes!"

"EVEN if you are happy person --- all it takes is one negative unloving second to let our day go to the pot. Negativity can eat us alive!

Everything gets on your nerves. Your pizza came cold, your husband or wife hasn't paid "enough" attention to you, your kids drew on the wall, your fluffy package came in and was missing something (LOL), your life is falling apart, the bills are piling up to the ceiling, the cable went out, the internet is to slow, the mom down the street "MUST" be talking about you, the play group is too unorganized, it's the teachers fault, the doctors a goober, the police officer was speeding too, she thinks she's so awesome, I can't do anything right................. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

The challenge is simple ---- each time a negative thought crosses your mind --- YOU STOP IT! You tell yourself NO. I am going to think positively and nothing is going to let me down. NOTHING! It profits ZERO to have ANY negative thoughts. Sometimes negative situations happen --- but our attitude can either make us survivors or sufferers.

If possible --- try and keep a HAPPY diary of how life is awesome.... even when it's not! :-)"

Now if you know me, you already know that I'm a 'pessimist, glass is half empty' type of girl!!! So this challenge, even if I don't win, which I REALLY do, will, I hope, help me get away form my negativism and focus on all the POSITIVE in my life!! :D


  1. What a great idea! I'll have to check out that link. I'm typically a very positive, optimistic gal, but I've been in a funk ever since I had Mabel. I don't know if it's the newness of keeping up w/ 2 kids, the fact that it's Montana, or a combination of bot, but I need to get out of the funk!

  2. I agree that having 2, or more, kiddos does make it harder. I think it's a LOT easier just taking Gavin somewhere, than both girls! Haha, cabin fever has hit our house like a boulder and EVERYONE is ready to get outside!! ;)

  3. This is a very awesome idea!!! :D Love it!