Friday, February 11, 2011

Thinking Positive??

Ugh, I hate to admit, this has been a LONG and DIFFICULT week. :/

Even though I haven't been doing so well in the positive thinking department, I have been dealing with 'speedbumps' with a MUCH better attitude!! :)

I had a good dose of 'this is what it looks like to be impatient' moments. I was at the PX the other day getting some infant tylenol, which is impossible to find!! There was a lady infront of me with quite a few items and she seemed in a hurry. The cashier seemed to not be feeling well, so she was moving slow. Well, the lady, checking out, was antsy, she kept looking at her phone, and at one point, I noticed her 'lip speak', "come on hurry up"!! I felt really bad for the cashier, because I could tell she wasn't feeling well.

I noticed that when you are impatient or upset with how someone is doing something, it takes away your feminine beauty and glow.

So, aside from being good for your health, having a good attitude and patience is also good for your looks!! :D

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