Sunday, February 27, 2011

night time cloth diaper woes

For a couple months now, I've been trying to completely switch over to cloth diapers. Day time, no problem, but night time has been very challenging!! :(

Gavin is 5 months old, tomorrow, and gets up 4-5 times a night. :/ I have been using disposables, but end up changing him once a night and he tends to leak with those almost every 3rd night. gah!!!

So I have been hearding that hemp is great for heavy night time wetters, pair that with wool covers and it've heard it's bullet proof!! So I bought some Hemp Babies Diaper Doublers and Hemp Babies Little Weeds.

After the hemp arrived, I first tried a flat wrapped around a hemp doubler, topped with a flip cover, it held, but was WAY too bulky!! Then I tried a hemp prefold stuffed in a Rump a Rooz, which didn't last the night.

So I asked, on Mami's and Papi's facebook page, and a sweet mama, Ashley, did a blog post for me!! :D you can read it here

So I promptly ordered some Babykicks Prefolds and Sustainablebabyish Organic Bamboo Fleece Doubler. Then I waited, impatiently, for the package to arrive!! :)

When it arrived, I promptly threw them in the washer and prepped them, about 4-5 times in hot water. I was excited to use them that night, so I diapered my boy, just like Ashley did and covered it with a Flip cover. During a couple of the late morning feedings, that I could feel something damp on my arm, which was resting on his side. I thought nothing of it, and figured he was swetting.

When I changed him in the morning, I noticed that the prefold was peeking out of the Flip cover on his sides, where I had felt the dampness!! Even though it was way too bulky and ended up peeking out of the cover, it kept his pj's and sheets dry. My lil guy seemed uncomfortable with the bulkiness of it, so I decided to try something different the next night.

Last night, I decided to try a Hemp Babies Little Weed prefold folded around a Sustainablebabyish bamboo doubler and cover it with the Flip cover. Making sure to tuck the cloth under the flap on the Flip cover. Well, half way through the night, he had soaked through the front of his diaper. :(

So, right now I am frustrated and not sure where to go from here. So I am asking/searching for more ideas, so hopefully the next time I write, I will be able to tell you what combination works for us!! :)

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